Tuesday, 13:15 - 13:40 h, Room: H 3013


Kristóf Bérczi
Restricted b-matchings


A C ≤ k-free 2-factor is a 2-factor not containing cycles of length at most k. Cornuéjols and Pulleyblank showed that deciding the existence of such a subgraph is NP-complete for k ≥ 5. On the other hand, Hartvigsen proposed an algorithm for the triangle-free case (k=3). The existence of a C ≤ 4-free or C4-free 2-matching is still open (in the latter, triangles are allowed). Yet imposing the condition that the graph is subcubic (that is, the maximum degree of G is 3), these problems become solvable.
Considering the maximum weight version of the problems, there is a firm difference between triangle- and square-free 2-factors. Király showed that finding a maximum weight square-free 2-factor is NP-complete even in bipartite graphs with 0-1 weights. On the other hand, for subcubic graphs, polynomial-time algorithms were given by Hartvigsen and Li, and recently by Kobayashi for the weighted C3-free 2-factor problem with an arbitrary weight function. The former result implies that we should not expect a nice polyhedral description of the square-free 2-factor polytope. However, the latter suggests that the triangle-free case may be solvable.


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