Friday, 15:45 - 16:10 h, Room: MA 042


Stefan Waldherr
Two-stage order sequence planning in shelf-board production


In cooperation with a supplier of kitchen elements the production of storage boards is optimized. Because of the problem's high complexity and the frequent changes of the order situation, the time horizon for the order sequence scheduling should cover at most two days. However, to assure the needed raw material in time for production, it is necessary to determine an approximate schedule outside of the two-day time horizon. Therefore we split the production scheduling into two stages: In a first coarse planning stage we relax the problem by dropping some constraints and consider it as a Min Cost Flow Problem to calculate a production time detailed to the day. This forms the basis for planning the pre-production of the needed raw material to assure their availability. In a second fine planning stage the exact sequence scheduling is carried out taking into account both, resource constraints and sequence-dependent setup- and production times.


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