Wednesday, 16:15 - 16:40 h, Room: H 2035


Radek Cibulka
Quantitative stability of a generalized equation: Application to non-regular electrical circuits

Coauthors: Samir Adly, Jiří V. Outrata


Given matrices B ∈ Rn× m, C ∈ Rm × n, and mappings f: RnRn , F: Rm rightarrows Rm with m ≤ n, consider the problem of finding for a vector p ∈ Rn the solution z ∈ Rn to the inclusion
\begin{equation} \label{eqIN}
p ∈ f(z) + B F (Cz).
Denote by Φ the set-valued mapping from Rn into itself defined by
Φ(z) = f(z) + BF(C z) whenever z ∈ Rn. Our aim is to investigate stability properties such as Aubin continuity, calmness and isolated calmness of the solution mapping Ψ:= Φ-1. Under appropriate assumptions, the verifiable conditions ensuring these properties are given in terms of the input data f, F, B and C. We illustrate our consideration on a particular examples arising from electronics.


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"Nonsmooth analysis with applications in engineering" [...]
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