Friday, 11:00 - 11:25 h, Room: H 3002


Giuliana Carello
A network loading problem with shared protection and SRG: Formulations and ILP based hybrid heuristics

Coauthors: Bernardetta Addis, Federico Malucelli


Failure resiliency is an important issue in telecommunication networks. In real networks different links may share physical structures and therefore may be affected by the same physical fault. This complexity is captured by Shared Risk Groups (SRGs), which represent sets of links affected by the same fault. We focus on a shared protection scheme, according to which the backup capacity can be shared among different demands, provided that they are not affected by the same faults. We address a network loading problem where SRG and shared protection are considered. We propose a couple of mathematical models. As the problem seems extremely challenging from the computational point of view, we explore the possibility of adding some valid inequalities that have been successful in standard network design problem. Besides, we present some ILP based hybrid heuristic approaches. One approach considers the dynamic addition of constraints, while the other approach is based on a combination of greedy and local search. We report an extensive experimental comparison of all the proposed approaches.


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