Wednesday, 15:15 - 15:40 h, Room: H 0107


Ernesto G. Birgin
Spectral projected gradients: Reviewing ten years of applications


The Spectral Projected Gradient method (SPG) seeks the minimization of a smooth function over a convex set for which the projection operation can be inexpensively computed. The SPG is based on projected gradients and combines the spectral steplength with nonmonotone line searches. Since its introduction in 2000, many successful usages on a variety of fields have been reported, comprising Machine Learning, Medical Imaging, Meteorology, and Image Reconstruction, including Compressive Sensing, just to name a few. In this talk, some of those applications will be reviewed and analyzed.


Talk 1 of the invited session Wed.3.H 0107
"Line-search strategies" [...]
Cluster 16
"Nonlinear programming" [...]


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