Tuesday, 13:45 - 14:10 h, Room: H 0107


Marco Rozgic
Interior point methods for the optimization of technological forming processes

Coauthors: Robert Appel, Marcus Stiemer


Recent results in forming technology indicate that forming limits of classical quasi-static forming processes can be extended by combining them with fast impulse forming. However, in such combined processes, parameters have to be chosen carefully, to achieve an increase in formability. In previous works a gradient based optimization procedure as well as a simulation framework for the coupled process has been presented. The optimization procedure strongly depends on the linearization of the full coupled problem, which has to be completely simulated for gradient- and function- evaluation. In order to gain insight into the structure of the underlying optimization problem we analyse parameter identification an elastic deformation problem. Within this framework all needed derivative information is analytically computable and optimality conditions can be proved. This is used to perform systematic studies of properties and behaviour of the problem. We show that replacing derivative information with finite difference approximations requires additional constraints in order to retain physical feasibility. Finally we extend the developed scheme by introducing a plasticity model.


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