Monday, 16:15 - 16:40 h, Room: H 0106


Paola Pellegrini
Exact models for the real time railway traffic management problem: tackling perturbed traffic considering real junction details

Coauthors: Grégory Marlière, Joaquin Rodriguez


A railway traffic management problem appear when trains are delayed: the originally planned routing and scheduling become infeasible. This problem must be solved in real time (i.e., in a short time) by finding a minimum cost feasible routing and scheduling of trains on a network. Solution cost is assessed in terms of either punctuality or fluidification.
In the literature, this problem, known as "real time railway traffic management problem'', is typically tackled with heuristic algorithms. Optimal approaches appear only when few network details are considered. We propose two mixed-integer linear programming models which consider real railway junctions details. They differ in the computation of solution cost.
We test the two models on real instances representing three complex junctions: Pierrefitte-Gonesse (France), Lille Flandres station (France), and Utrecht Den Bosh line (Netherlands).
In all cases, computation time is very short. Interestingly, different junctions are differently complex for the two models. We will devote further research to the explanation of these differences, and to the identification of effective valid inequalities.


Talk 3 of the contributed session Mon.3.H 0106
"Applications in transportation problems" [...]
Cluster 13
"Logistics, traffic, and transportation" [...]


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