Thursday, 13:15 - 13:40 h, Room: MA 376


Andrea Trautsamwieser
A branch-and-price approach for solving medium term home health care planning problems

Coauthor: Patrick Hirsch


Medium term home health care planning is important because of additional legal working time regulations. Moreover, the clients (resp. nurses) prefer to know their visiting days and times (resp. working days and times) beforehand. In Austria, the planning of these services is typically done manually. However, several constraints make the planning a time consuming task. Usually, the clients have to be visited several times a week for a certain treatment at a certain time by appropriately skilled nurses. Additionally, working time regulations such as maximum allowed working time, breaks, and rest periods have to be considered. Furthermore, some clients need to be visited by two or more nurses at the same time and some visits cannot start before a certain time gap after another visit has elapsed. The objective is to minimize the total travelling times of the nurses. In order to solve this problem efficiently an algorithm is developed combining a Branch-and-Price approach and a metaheuristic solution approach based on Variable Neighbourhood Search. The algorithm is tested with real life data and compared to the solutions obtained with standard solver software.


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