Thursday, 13:15 - 13:40 h, Room: MA 043


Tiru Arthanari
Game theory and supply chain management: A survey

Coauthor: Nagarajan Krishnamurthy


Recent years have seen an increasing interest in the applications of Game Theory to Supply Chain Management (SCM) and allied areas. We survey some of these results. These include applications of Non-cooperative Games to SCM where, for example, there are competing entities and Nash equilibrium is sought. We also survey applications of Cooperative Games where, for example, the Shapley value is used to share costs (or profits). Examples are [Thun, 2005] where the author discusses applications of Cooperative Game Theory to apportion profit among partners. [Cachon and Netessine, 2003] discuss non-cooperative as well as cooperative game theoretic concepts that have potential for applications to analyzing supply chains. [Esmaeili, Aryanezhad and Zeephongsekul, 2009] propose several seller-buyer supply chain models which incorporate elements of competition as well as cooperation between buyer and seller. [Shuyong et al., 2008] use game theoretic tools to analyze the cost allocation problem in supply chain coordination. Stochastic Games, Bayesian Games etc. have been finding increasing applications in SCM too, and we discuss some of these as well. Illustrative applications are discussed.


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