Thursday, 14:15 - 14:40 h, Room: H 1028


Ming-Jun Lai
On the Schatten p-quasi-norm minimization for low rank matrix recovery

Coauthor: Louis Yang


We provide a sufficient condition to show when the Schatten p-quasi-norm minimization can be used for matrix completion
to recover the rank minimal matrix.
The condition is given in terms of the restricted isometry property in the matrix version. More precisely,
when the restricted isometry constant δ2r<1, there exists a real number p0<1 such that
any solution of the lp minimization is the minimal rank solution for p ≤ p0.


Talk 3 of the invited session Thu.2.H 1028
"Nonconvex sparse optimization" [...]
Cluster 21
"Sparse optimization & compressed sensing" [...]


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