Conference Program

Speaker Information

Speaker guidelines

Audio-visual services

All session rooms will be equipped with a computer projector with VGA input. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a successful presentation.

• Please bring your laptop to your session. We strongly recommend that you pre-arrange with other speakers in your session to ensure that at least one of you brings a laptop which can be connected to the projector.
• Please bring a power adapter which can be connected to the German grid. We recommend that you do not attempt to run your presentation off the laptop battery.
• If your notebook does not provide a standard VGA port to connect to the projector, please have the required adapter at hand (e.g., Mini DisplayPort or dvi to VGA).

• Please arrive at your session at least 15 minutes before it begins. All presenters in a session should set up and test the connection to the projector before the session begins.
• We encourage speakers to have at hand a USB flash drive with a copy of their presentation.

• If you need an overhead projector for your talk, please contact the registration office on arrival. Overhead projectors will only be available in exceptional cases.

Presentation guidelines

Please arrive at your session at least 15 minutes early for technical set-up and to check in with the session chair. Time your presentation to fit within the designated time span of 25 minutes, leaving enough time for audience questions and change of speaker. There will be a speakers’ preparation room available in the Main Building in room H 1036. Student assistants will provide support for the handling of the computer projectors.

Program information desk

If you have general questions about the meeting or questions about your own presentation, stop by at the Program Information Desk located in the lobby of the Main Building. We ask Session Chairs to notify the Information Desk about any last-minute changes or cancellations; these changes will be posted outside the meeting rooms.

Assistance during your session

If you have a problem in your session room related to technical needs or any other requests, please contact one of the student assistants wearing an orange T-shirt.

Session chair guidelines

The role of the Chair is to coordinate the smooth running of the session and introduce each speaker. The chair begins and ends each session on time. Each talk lasts 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion and change of speaker. Please stick to the order of talks and times announced in the program.

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