Public Transportation

Getting around by public transport

All public transport in Berlin—S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams, buses, and also some ferries—is run by the company BVG. When using buses you are kindly asked to get into the vehicle at the front door and to show the driver your ticket. Connections can be easily checked at or by using the convenient smart phone apps available for Android or iPhone.

Conference Ticket


The conference badge allows you to use all public transport in and around Berlin (zone Berlin ABC) in the six days from 19th of August until 24th of August, if you bring your passport or national ID card. Unfortunately, driver's licenses are not accepted as ID in Germany. The conference ticket needs not to be validated.


Further tickets

In general, tickets need to be bought and validated before boarding (bus and tram sell tickets on board). This holds also for day tickets and other long term tickets. There is a reduced fair for children aged 6 – 14. Children under 6 travel for free.

We have specified only the most commonly purchased tickets. For a complete list of tickets and conditions see

In case you need further tickets, here are some options:


  • Einzelfahrschein Berlin AB 2.40 Euro

Valid for 2h within the city limits. It allows you to travel in one direction only, but it includes transport changes. If you do both ways within 2h you still need two tickets. Buying four tickets at once lowers the price to 2,10 Euro/ticket. If you want to go to a place outside Berlin (e.g., Schoenefeld Airport SXF or Potsdam), you need zone ABC or an additional Anschlussfahrschein.


  • Anschlussfahrschein Berlin A/C 1.60 Euro

Extends your valid zone AB ticket to ABC, i.e., to the area around Berlin. It is analogous to the Einzelfahrschein, it is valid for 2h.


  • Tageskarte Berlin AB 6.50 Euro

Allows you to use all public transport within the city limits on the day you validated the ticket, and until 3 am the day after.


  • CityTourCard / WelcomeCard

For both tickets there are three different durations, allowing you to travel for 48 h, 72 h or 5 days. The 48 h and 72 h tickets are valid from the time you validate them to the respective number of hours later. The 5 day ticket is valid for five consecutive days starting from the day of validation, always ending at midnight. Besides public transport, the tickets offer discount for different tourist attractions. For details, see the the link above.


  • 7-Tage-Karte Berlin AB 28.00 Euro

Once validated, the ticket can be used for 7 days until midnight of the last day. Monday to Friday from 8 pm and during the whole weekend, it also allows you to take one adult and up to three children aged 6–14 with you for free (age 0–5 for free at any time).


Buses 100 & 200

These two bus lines are made for tourists, so they pass several sights on their way. A normal BVG ticket is sufficient to use them. Both lines go from Zoologischer Garten (close to the conference site) to Alexanderplatz, using diff erent routes. Bus 100 passes the government district and Brandenburg Gate, and Bus 200 visits Potsdamer Platz instead. They meet again at Unter den Linden.




Getting around by taxi


Getting around by taxi is rather expensive and you might want to consider using public transport instead. The taxi fares start from 3.20 Euro with an additional 1.65 Euro/kilometer. When starting you can also indicate that you want a “short trip” (German: “Kurzstrecke”) which is at most 2 km long at a flat rate of 4 Euro.

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