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Jim Orlin's Talk Canceled

Many were looking forward to James Orlin's exciting results on the max flow problem. ("Max flows in O(nm) time and sometimes less", 15.15, H 3008). Unfortunately, his talk had to be canceled. But we have good news: Jim made it possible to watch it as a movie on the internet.

T-Shirts and Polo-Shirts Running Short

The orange colored T-shirts and the blue polo shirts are running short -- so if you like them, you should get one now! You can buy your shirt, coffee cups and "Martin the bear" next to the reception booth in the main building.


Bill Thurston is Dead

Sad news: We have just learned that Bill Thurston died on August 21 because of cancer. Thurston was a pioneer in low dimensional topology and in 1982 he was awarded with the Fields Medal. Recently he worked as a professor for mathematics and computer science at Cornell.

Small Train Accident

There has been a small train accident in the North of Berlin, on Tuesday at about 11.45 a.m.. A suburban train (S-Bahn) was on its way to the Northern outskirts of Berlin when it derailed; six persons where slightly injured. The cause of the accident was a switch behind Tegel that did not work correctly; it switched when the train was crossing. According to a speaker of the S-Bahn, the reason was possibly an electric problem caused by a thunderstorm before.

See you all in Pittsburgh!

At the MOS business meeting yesterday (which was shorter than some expected), it has been announced that the ISMP 2015 will be in Pittsburgh -- so, in three years, Egon Balas can come by walking instead of taking the plane. Both the University of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University have a long tradition in optimization and host a large and internationally well-known optimization community. So save the date: July 26 - August 1st, 2015 -- to see all again in Pittsburgh in 2015!


(Photo: Wikipedia/Matthew Field, http://www.photography.mattfield.com)

Update: Conference Dinner

Problems with bus line 100

Today in the evening, we have the Conference Dinner at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt ("House of World Cultures") located in the Tiergarten park. Normally one gets there with the bus line 100 (which is, by the way, very popular among tourists since it passes all the main sightseeing points in Berlin). But: there is a building site in front of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. So the bus does not stop there. So you have to get off at a temporary stop at Bellevueallee/Straße des 17. Juni between Großer Stern (the place with the large column and the golden angel on top) and Platz der Republik. See Map


Boat trips


During the whole evening, there will be the possibility to make a one-hour roundtrip by boat on the river Spree. The tour starts and ends directly in front of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. To take part, you need a ticket (which is free for the participants of the ISMP). Those tickets are available at the registration desk in the main building of the TU --  but their number is limited!


Wednesday Issue of Newsletter Out Now!

The newsletter for Wednesday is out! You can get your copy as usual in the main building of the TU Berlin! From the content:

  • 60 Years of Turans Question
  • "Linear Programming was just the cherry on the cake": An Interview with Oliver Friedmann
  • The Haus der Kulturen der Welt: That's where the Conference Dinner will take place tonight
  • A proposal for a small excursion while lunch break

Have a successful congress Wednesday!

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