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Approximation & online algorithms
H 3010Randomized rounding algorithms in mathematical programming [...]
Nagarajan Thresholded covering algorithms for robust and max-min optimization [...]
Srinivasan Dependent rounding and its applications [...]
Im Preemptive and non-preemptive generalized min sum set cover [...]
Combinatorial optimization
H 3004Knapsack and bin packing [...]
Newman A counterexample to Beck's three permutations conjecture [...]
Detti The bounded sequential multiple knapsack problem [...]
Schauer Knapsack problems with disjunctive constraints [...]
H 3005Graph coloring [...]
Sukegawa Lagrangian relaxation and pegging test for clique partitioning problems [...]
Jurkiewicz Colorings of the strong product of graphs [...]
Marecek Semidefinite programming relaxations in timetabling and matrix-free implementations of augmented Lagrangian methods for solving them [...]
H 3008Competitive and multi-objective facility location [...]
Beresnev Algorithms for discrete competitive facility location problem [...]
Kochetov A local search algorithm for the (r | p)-centroid problem on the plane [...]
Pascoal Path based method for multicriteria metro location [...]
H 3012Heuristics III [...]
Kononova Local search heuristic for the buffer-constrained two-stage multimedia scheduling problem [...]
Cayir A genetic algorithm for truck to door assignment in warehouses [...]
H 3013Polyhedra in combinatorial optimization [...]
Koichi A note on ternary semimodular polyhedra [...]
Maksimenko The common face of some 0/1 polytopes with NP-complete nonadjacency relations [...]
Li The polyhedral relationship between the capacitated facility location polytope and its knapsack and single-node flow relaxations [...]
H 3021Routing in road networks [...]
Goldberg The hub labeling algorithm [...]
Delling Realistic route planning in road networks [...]
Sanders Advance route planning using contraction hierarchies [...]
Complementarity & variational inequalities
MA 313Applications of complementarity [...]
Pang On differential linear-quadratic Nash games with mixed state-control constraints [...]
Shmyrev A polyhedral complementarity algorithm for searching an equilibrium in the linear production-exchange model. [...]
Chen A power penalty method for fractional Black-Scholes equations governing American option pricing [...]
Conic programming
H 2036First-derivative methods in convex optimization [...]
Drori Performance of first-order methods for smooth convex minimization: A novel approach [...]
Gonzaga On the complexity of steepest descent algorithms for minimizing quadratic functions [...]
Karimi CGSO for convex problems with polyhedral constraints [...]
H 2038Conic and convex programming in statistics and signal processing IV [...]
Sun Finding the nearest correlation matrix of exact low rank via convex optimization [...]
Negahban Fast global convergence of composite gradient methods for high-dimensional statistical recovery [...]
Fazel Algorithms for Hankel matrix rank minimization for system identification and realization [...]
Constraint programming
H 3003AComputational sustainability [...]
Holland Optimising the economic efficiency of monetary incentives for renewable energy investment [...]
Schönfelder Stochastic routing for electric vehicles [...]
Gavanelli Simulation and optimization for sustainable policy-making [...]
Derivative-free & simulation-based optimization
H 3503Stochastic zero-order methods [...]
Faco A continuous GRASP for global optimization with general linear constraints [...]
Stich Convergence of local search [...]
Auger Convergence of adaptive evolution strategies on monotonic C2-composite and scale-invariant functions [...]
Finance & economics
H 3027Management of portfolios and liabilities [...]
Martín-Utrera Size matters: Calibrating shrinkage estimators for portfolio optimization [...]
Trichakis Fairness in multi-portfolio optimization [...]
Júdice Long-term bank balance sheet management: Estimation and simulation of risk-factors [...]
Game theory
MA 005Network sharing and congestion [...]
Blogowski Access network sharing between two telecommunication operators [...]
Wan Coalitions in nonatomic network congestion games [...]
Zeitoun The complexity of approximate Nash equilibrium in congestion games with negative delays [...]
MA 043Solving cooperative games [...]
Nguyen Finding solutions of large cooperative games [...]
Zhao A mixed-integer programming approach to the determination of a core element for an n-person cooperative game with nontransferable utility [...]
Ando Computation of the Shapley value of minimum cost spanning tree games: #P-hardness and polynomial cases [...]
Global optimization
H 2053Nonconvex optimization: Theory and algorithms [...]
Dalkiran RLT-POS: Reformulation-linearization technique-based optimization software for polynomial programming problems [...]
Ryoo 0-1 multilinear programming & LAD patterns [...]
Schaber Convergence order of relaxations for global optimization of nonlinear dynamic systems [...]
Implementations & software
H 0110Commercial mathematical programming solvers I [...]
Koch Any progress one year after MIPLIB 2010 ? [...]
Perregaard Recent advances in the Xpress MIP solver [...]
Achterberg Cover probing for mixed integer programs [...]
H 1058Software for large-scale optimization [...]
Richter FiOrdOs: A Matlab toolbox for C-code generation for first-order methods [...]
Phipps Support embedded algorithms through template-based generic programming [...]
Integer & mixed-integer programming
H 2013Scheduling III [...]
Hein Mathematical model of hierarchical production planning [...]
Recalde Scheduling the Ecuadorian professional football league by integer programming [...]
Stephan Smaller compact formulation for lot-sizing with constant batches [...]
H 2032Branch-and-price I: Generic solvers [...]
Lübbecke A generic branch-price-and-cut solver [...]
Ralphs Dip and DipPy: Towards a generic decomposition-based MIP solver [...]
Galati The new decomposition solver in SAS/OR [...]
H 2033Some bridges between algebra and integer programming [...]
Blanco Applications of discrete optimization to numerical semigroups [...]
Hartillo Algebraic tools for nonlinear integer programming problems 2: Applications [...]
Ucha Algebraic tools for nonlinear integer programming problems 1: Getting started. [...]
Life sciences & healthcare
MA 376Radiation therapy treatment planning [...]
Long Beam orientation optimization in radiation therapy treatment planning [...]
Fredriksson A characterization of robust radiation therapy optimization methods [...]
Epelman A column generation-based algorithm for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) treatment plan optimization [...]
Logistics, traffic, and transportation
H 0106Vehicle and crew planning [...]
Froyland Robust airline schedule planning, aircraft routing and crew pairing: An integrated scenario-based approach [...]
Swarat Modeling and solving a toll enforcement problem [...]
Sahin Tactical and strategic crew planning problems in railways [...]
H 0111Public transportation [...]
Vahid An integer linear programming model for bus rapid transit network design [...]
Tou A dial-a-ride problem for public transport using electric vehicles [...]
Schmidt A new model for capacitated line planning [...]
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming
MA 041Quadratic integer programming [...]
Buchheim Nonconvex underestimators for integer quadratic optimization [...]
Trieu Convex piecewise quadratic integer programming [...]
Jeon Convex quadratic programming with variable bounds [...]
MA 042Topics in mixed-integer nonlinear programming III [...]
Li MIQP solvers for quadratic programs with cardinality and minimum threshold constraints: A semidefinite program approach [...]
Sharma A duality based approach for a class of bilevel programming problems [...]
Multi-objective optimization
H 1029Applications of vector and set optimization [...]
Radjef The direct support method to solve a linear multiobjective problem with bounded variables [...]
Löhne BENSOLVE - A solver for multi-objective linear programs [...]
Ulus An approximation algorithm for convex vector optimization problems and its application in finance [...]
Nonlinear programming
H 0107Line-search strategies [...]
Birgin Spectral projected gradients: Reviewing ten years of applications [...]
Santos An adaptive spectral approximation-based algorithm for nonlinear least-squares problems [...]
Krejic Nonmonotone line search methods with variable sample sizes [...]
H 0112Applications of optimization II [...]
Göllner Geometry optimization of branched sheet metal products [...]
Fedossova Modeling of transboundary pollutant displacement for groups of emission sources [...]
Nonsmooth optimization
H 1012Variational methods in optimization [...]
Ovcharova Second-order analysis of the Moreau-Yosida and the Lasry-Lions regularizations [...]
Optimization in energy systems
MA 549Stochastic programming in energy [...]
Perez Valdes Parallel computational implementation of a branch and fix coordination algorithm [...]
Li Stochastic nonconvex MINLP models and global optimization for natural gas production network design under uncertainty [...]
Hellemo Stochastic programming with decision dependent probabilities [...]
MA 549Congestion management and pricing [...]
Bjørndal Congestion management in the nordic electricity market [...]
Rud Nodal versus zonal pricing: Market power in day-ahead versus in balancing services [...]
Smeers Stochastic equilibrium in investment models: Capacity expansion in the power [...]
PDE-constrained optimization & multi-level/multi-grid methods
MA 415Optimization applications in industry V [...]
Laurain A shape and topology optimization method for inverse problems in tomography [...]
Roesch Optimal control of a chemotaxis problem [...]
Hokenmaier Optimization with discontinuities and approximations in process engineering [...]
Robust optimization
MA 004Applications of robust optimization V [...]
Takeda Robust optimization-based classification method [...]
Sichau Shape optimization under uncertainty employing a second order approximation for the robust counterpart [...]
Sparse optimization & compressed sensing
H 1028Structured models in sparse optimization [...]
Jenatton Proximal methods for hierarchical sparse coding and structured sparsity [...]
Pham Alternating linearization for structured regularization problems [...]
Duchi Adaptive subgradient methods for stochastic optimization and online learning [...]
Stochastic optimization
MA 141Algorithms and applications for stochastic programming [...]
Zhou A network based model for traffic sensor placement with implications on congestion observation [...]
Jiang Optimization under data-driven chance constraints [...]
Bayraksan A sequential bounding method for a class of two-stage stochastic programs [...]
MA 144Network design, reliability, and PDE constraints [...]
Myndyuk Stochastic network design under probabilistic constraint with continuous random variables. [...]
Šabartová Spatial decomposition for differential equation constrained stochastic programs [...]
Tahmasbi Network flow problems with random arc failures [...]
Telecommunications & networks
H 3002Local access networks [...]
Gollowitzer Capacitated network design with facility location [...]
Rezapour Approximation algorithms for connected facility location with buy-at-bulk edge costs [...]
Arulselvan An incremental algorithm for the facility location problem [...]
Variational analysis
H 2035Nonsmooth analysis with applications in engineering [...]
Iusem Th effect of calmness on the solution set of nonlinear equaltions [...]
Uderzo On some calmness conditions for nonsmooth constraint systems [...]
Cibulka Quantitative stability of a generalized equation: Application to non-regular electrical circuits [...]
H 2051Some stability aspects in optimization theory [...]
Hantoute On convex relaxation of optimization problems [...]
Pang First order analysis of set-valued maps and differential inclusions [...]
Shikhman Implicit vs. inverse function theorem in nonsmooth analysis [...]


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