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Approximation & online algorithms
H 3010Approximation of vehicle routing problems [...]
van Brink Express delivery of packages [...]
Vargas An efficient decision making process for vehicle operations in underground mining based on a mixed-integer programming model [...]
Bartolini The single-vehicle dial-a-ride problem [...]
Combinatorial optimization
H 3004Approximation algorithms for hard problems [...]
Chen Approximation algorithms for scheduling parallel machines with capacity constraints [...]
Chen Approximation algorithms for parallel open shop scheduling [...]
Hu New models for network connection problems with interval data [...]
H 3005Combinatorial optimization in logistics [...]
Schulz Explanation algorithms in cumulative scheduling [...]
Nossack Benders decomposition for a 1-full-truckload pickup-and-delivery vehicle routing problem [...]
Pesch A branch-and-bound algorithm for the acyclic partitioning problem [...]
H 3008Algorithms in claw-free graphs [...]
Faenza Separating stable sets in claw-free graphs through extended formulations [...]
Nobili A decomposition algorithm for the weighted stable-set problem in claw-free graphs [...]
van Leeuwen Domination when the stars are out - Efficient decomposition of claw-free graphs [...]
H 3012Cliques, stable sets, and perfect graphs [...]
Montenegro On the N-index of the stable set polytope related to antiwebs [...]
Snels Minimum weighted clique cover on strip-composed perfect graphs [...]
H 3013Extended formulations [...]
Serafini Compact formulations for large-scale LP problems [...]
Hildenbrandt An extended formulation for the target visitation problem [...]
Borndörfer Configuration models for solving integrated combinatorial optimization problems [...]
Complementarity & variational inequalities
MA 313Algorithms for complementarity and related problems II [...]
Passacantando Gap functions and penalization for solving equilibrium problems with nonlinear constraints [...]
Lesaja Infeasible full-Newton step interior-point method for linear complementarity problems [...]
Conic programming
H 2036Algebraic geometry and conic programming I [...]
Netzer Describing the feasible sets of semidefinite programming [...]
Burgdorf Lasserre relaxation for trace-optimization of NC polynomials [...]
Sanyal Deciding polyhedrality of spectrahedra [...]
H 2038Recent developments of theory and applications in conic optimization II [...]
Tanaka Numerical computation of a facial reduction algorithm and an inexact primal-dual path-following method for doubly nonnegative optimization problems [...]
Yasuaki A primal barrier function phase I algorithm for nonsymmetric conic optimization problems [...]
Magron Certification of inequalities involving transcendental functions using semi-definite programming. [...]
Derivative-free & simulation-based optimization
H 3003AMINLP and constrained optimization without derivatives [...]
Sobral Constrained derivative-free optimization on thin domains [...]
Müller A surrogate model algorithm for computationally expensive mixed-integer black-box global optimization problems [...]
Griffin A parallel hybrid derivative-free SAS procedure for MINLP [...]
Finance & economics
H 3021Portfolio selection problems [...]
Radulescu Portfolio selection models with complementarity constraints [...]
Radulescu The efficient frontiers of mean-variance portfolio selection problems [...]
H 3027Optimal control [...]
Mukhopadhyay A socio-economic production quantity (SEPQ) model for imperfect items with pollution control and varying setup costs [...]
Takano Control policy optimization for dynamic asset allocation by using kernel principal component analysis [...]
Game theory
MA 005New models and solution concepts II [...]
Hu Existence, uniqueness, and computation of robust Nash equilibrium in a class of multi-leader-follower games [...]
Schwarze Equilibria in generalized Nash games with applications to games on polyhedra [...]
Chen Computing perfect equilibria of finite n-person games in normal form with an interior-point path-following method [...]
MA 043Algorithmic game theory [...]
Lucier Strategyproof mechanisms for competitive influence in social networks [...]
Immorlica Social networks and segregation [...]
Mobius Treasure hunt [...]
Global optimization
H 0110Recent advances in nonconvex quadratic programming with random data [...]
Gillis Fast and robust recursive algorithm for separable nonnegative matrix factorization [...]
Peng Quadratic optimization with separable objective and a single quadratic and box constraint [...]
Krokhmal Asymptotic properties of random multidimensional assignment problems [...]
Implementations & software
H 1058Open source software for modeling and optimization [...]
Gassmann Optimization services: Connecting algebraic modelling languages to several solvers using a web-aware framework [...]
Forrest A bit of CLP (accelerated?) [...]
Integer & mixed-integer programming
H 2013Integer programming in data mining [...]
Liu Optimization issues on some margin-based classifiers [...]
Brooks Counting misclassifications: Robust support vector machines via integer programming [...]
Nogales Gómez Matheuristics for Ψ-learning [...]
H 2032Matheuristics [...]
Valério de Carvalho SearchCol algorithms for the level bin packing problem [...]
Schittekat A matheuristic for competence building with the use of nurse re-rostering [...]
Boschetti A Lagrangian heuristic for the sprint planning in agile methods [...]
H 2033Integer programming approaches to job scheduling [...]
Cacchiani Fixed job scheduling with resource constraints [...]
Clement A big-bucket time-indexed formulation for nonpreemptive single machine scheduling problems [...]
Waterer Maintenance scheduling in critical infrastructure networks [...]
Life sciences & healthcare
MA 376Model discrimination and experimental design [...]
Nattermann A quadratic approximation of confidence regions [...]
Binder Numerical optimization methods for significance analysis of parameters and subsets of metabolic networks [...]
Herzog Discrimination of competetive model candidates for reversals in bacterium Myxococcus xanthus [...]
Logistics, traffic, and transportation
H 0106Optimizing robot welding cells [...]
Pannek Collision avoidance via distributed feedback design [...]
Schwarz The laser sharing problem with fixed tours [...]
Welz Conflict-free job assignment and tour planing of welding robots [...]
MA 042Disruption management [...]
Maher Integrated airline recovery problem on a minimal disruption neighbourhood [...]
Kobayashi Alternative objective functions in ship scheduling for managing supply chain disruption risk [...]
Ionescu Stochastic optimization models for airline resource schedules under disruptions [...]
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming
MA 041Applications of MINLP I [...]
Stangl Feasibility testing for transportation orders in real-life gas networks [...]
Margot The traveling salesman problem with neighborhoods: MINLP solution [...]
Schelbert How to route a pipe - Discrete approaches for physically correct routing [...]
Multi-objective optimization
H 1029Bilevel optimization and risk management [...]
Jahn GPU implementation of a multiobjective search algorithm [...]
Fliege Reformulations of multiobjective bilevel problems [...]
Heyde Set-valued average value at risk [...]
Nonlinear programming
H 0107Optimality conditions and constraint qualifications [...]
Maciel A trust region algorithm for the nonconvex unconstrained vector optimization problem [...]
Silva Constant positive generators: A new weak constraint qualification with algorithmic applications [...]
Srivastav Fritz John duality in the presence of equality and inequality constraints [...]
H 0112Complexity issues in optimization [...]
König Norm maximization is W[1]-hard [...]
Santiago An efficient algorithm for the projection of a point on the intersection of two hyperplanes and a box in Rn [...]
Shi A computational geometric approach for solving linear programming: Toward strong polynomial [...]
Nonsmooth optimization
H 1012Topics in nonsmooth nonconvex optimization [...]
Freire Interior epigraph directions method for nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization via generalized augmented Lagrangian duality [...]
Ahmad Optimality conditions in nondifferentiable multiobjective fractional programming [...]
Goffin Solving unconstrained nonconvex programs with ACCPM [...]
Optimization in energy systems
MA 549Power flow modelling and mechanism design [...]
Lemkens Structural properties of power grid design [...]
Bukhsh Local solutions of optimal power flow problem [...]
Bagchi Optimal combinatorial auction for smart grids with renewable energy resources [...]
MA 550Optimal control [...]
Alais On managing the hydroelectric production of a dam by means of the viability theory [...]
PDE-constrained optimization & multi-level/multi-grid methods
H 0111Optimal control of PDEs with advection terms [...]
Younes The Navier-Stokes problem in velocity-pressure formulation: Convergence and optimal control [...]
Pfaff Optimal boundary control for nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws with source terms [...]
Al Lawati A rational characteristic method for advection diffusion equations [...]
MA 415Reduced order model based optimization [...]
Schmidt POD reduced-order modeling in the context of direct-approach optimization [...]
Ghiglieri Optimal flow control based on POD and MPC for the cancellation of Tollmien-Schlichting waves by plasma actuators [...]
Koller Optimal control of hydroforming processes based on POD [...]
Robust optimization
MA 004A robust optimization approach to stochastic analysis [...]
Bandi Optimal design for multi-item auctions: A robust optimization approach [...]
Youssef Robust queueing theory [...]
Bertsimas Network information theory via robust optimization [...]
Sparse optimization & compressed sensing
H 1028Greedy algorithms for sparse optimization [...]
Ravikumar Nearest neighbor based greedy coordinate descent [...]
Jain Orthogonal matching pursuit with replacement [...]
Stochastic optimization
MA 141Progressive hedging: Innovations and applications [...]
Woodruff Bundling scenarios in progressive hedging [...]
Kang Parallel solution of structured nonlinear problems using Pyomo and PySP [...]
Watson Asynchronous progressive hedging [...]
MA 144Stochastic network design and reliability [...]
Kantor Layered screening at public events: Models and challenges [...]
Klaus Increasing network reliability by introducing warehouses [...]
Çelik The post-disaster debris clearance problem with uncertain debris amounts [...]
Telecommunications & networks
H 3002Optimization modeling of communication networks [...]
Pioro On a survivable network design problem with one or two failing links and elementary path-flows [...]
Carello A network loading problem with shared protection and SRG: Formulations and ILP based hybrid heuristics [...]
Steglich Robust multi-layer network design under traffic demand uncertainty [...]
H 3503Robust and survivable network design [...]
Raack Cutset inequalities for robust network design [...]
Pecorari Models for p-cycle networks design without cycle enumeration [...]
Yuan Cell load coupling in planning and optimization of LTE networks [...]
Variational analysis
H 2035Variational-analytic foundations of sensitivity analysis [...]
Zhang Partial smoothness, tilt stability, and generalized Hessians [...]
Husain On second-order Fritz John type duality for variational problems [...]
Drusvyatskiy Identifiability and the foundations of sensitivity analysis [...]
H 2051Generalized differentiation and applications [...]
Pallaschke Quasidifferentiable calculus and minimal pairs of compact convex sets [...]
Bagirov Subgradient methods in nonconvex nonsmooth optimization [...]
Goncharov Well-posedness of minimal time problem with constant convex dynamics via differential properties of the value function [...]


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