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Thursday, 10:30 - 12:00 h


Approximation & online algorithms
H 3010Approximation algorithms [...]
Williamson A dual-fitting 3⁄2-approximation algorithm for some minimum-cost graph problems [...]
Kolliopoulos Planar disjoint-paths completion [...]
Kakimura Computing knapsack solutions with cardinality robustness [...]
Combinatorial optimization
H 3004Optimization and enumeration [...]
Ossona de Mendez Large structured induced subgraphs with close homomorphism statistics [...]
Chertkov Computing the permanent with belief propagation [...]
Coja-Oghlan Catching the k-NAESAT threshold [...]
H 3005Robust network design [...]
Kutschka Robust metric inequalities for network design under demand uncertainty [...]
Schmidt Single commodity robust network design: Models and algorithms [...]
Sanità Steiner tree approximation via iterative randomized rounding [...]
H 3008Resource placement in networks [...]
Johnson Disjoint path facility location: Theory and practice [...]
Applegate Using an exponential potential function method to optimize video-on-demand content placement [...]
H 3012Exact algorithms for hard problems [...]
Carbonneau Globally optimal clusterwise regression by branch and bound optimization with heuristics, sequencing and ending subset [...]
Fügenschuh LP and SDP branch-and-cut algorithms for the minimum graph bisection problem: A computational comparison [...]
Cerveira A two-stage branch and bound algorithm to solve truss topology design problems [...]
H 3013Combinatorial optimization in railways II [...]
Hansmann Minimal shunting operations for freight train composition [...]
Bärmann Approximate robust optimization and applications in railway network expansion [...]
Klug An approach for solving the freight train routing problem [...]
H 3021Smoothed analysis of algorithms [...]
Brunsch Improved smoothed analysis of multiobjective optimization [...]
Plociennik A probabilistic PTAS for shortest common superstring [...]
Complementarity & variational inequalities
MA 313Bilevel programs and MPECs [...]
Ding First order optimality conditions for mathematical programs with semidefinite cone complementarity constraints [...]
Dempe Optimality conditions for bilevel programming problems [...]
Ye On solving bilevel programs with a nonconvex lower level program [...]
Conic programming
H 2036Linear programming: Theory and algorithms [...]
Tits The power of constraint reduction in interior-point methods [...]
Abdessamad Strict quasi-concavity and the differential barrier property of gauges in linear programming [...]
Kitahara A proof by the simplex method for the diameter of a (0,1)-polytope [...]
H 2038New results in copositive and semidefinite optimization [...]
Ahmed On connections between copositive programming and semi-infinite programming [...]
Jargalsaikhan Conic programming: Genericity results and order of minimizers [...]
Gijben Scaling relationship between the copositive cone and Parrilo's first level approximation [...]
Constraint programming
H 3003AInstance-specific tuning, selection, and scheduling of solvers [...]
Sellmann Solver portfolios [...]
Malitsky Instance-specific algorithm configuration [...]
Xu Evaluating component solver contributions to portfolio-based algorithm selectors [...]
Finance & economics
H 3027Risk management in financial markets [...]
Tsoukalas Dynamic portfolio execution [...]
Feinstein Set-valued dynamic risk measures [...]
Gupta A data-driven approach to risk preferences [...]
Game theory
MA 005Mechanisms for resource allocation problems [...]
Ventre Using lotteries to approximate the optimal revenue [...]
Markakis On worst-case allocations in the presence of indivisible goods [...]
Kovacs Characterizing anonymous scheduling mechanisms for two tasks [...]
MA 043Mean-field approaches to large scale dynamic auctions and mechanisms [...]
Iyer Mean field equilibria of dynamic auctions with learning [...]
Balseiro Auctions for online display advertising exchanges: Approximations and design [...]
Proutiere Optimal bidding strategies and equilibria in repeated auctions with budget constraints [...]
Global optimization
H 2053Advances in global optimization I [...]
Carrizosa Location on networks. Global optimization problems [...]
Burai Necessary and sufficient condition on global optimality without convexity and second order differentiability [...]
Implementations & software
H 0110Commercial mathematical programming solvers II [...]
Mittelmann Selected benchmarks in continuous and discrete optimization [...]
Dahl Extending the conic optimizer in MOSEK with semidefinite cones [...]
Bixby Presolve for linear and mixed-integer programming [...]
H 1058Modeling languages and software I [...]
Siirola Modeling and optimizing block-composable mathematical programs in Pyomo [...]
Sagnol PICOS: A python interface to conic optimization solvers [...]
Fourer Strategies for using algebraic modeling languages to formulate second-order cone programs [...]
Integer & mixed-integer programming
H 2013Polyhedral combinatorics [...]
Delle Donne Vertex coloring polytopes over trees and block graphs [...]
Forte Formulations and exact solution algorithms for the minimum two-connected dominating set problem [...]
H 2032Branch-and-price II: Column and row generation [...]
Bulbul Simultaneous column-and-row generation for large-scale linear programs with column-dependent-rows [...]
Munari Using interior point methods in branch-price-and-cut framework [...]
Sadykov Column generation for extended formulations [...]
H 2033New developments in integer programming [...]
Dadush Convex minimization over the integers [...]
Regts Polyhedra with the integer Carathéodory property [...]
Dunkel A refined Gomory-Chvatal closure for polytopes in the unit cube [...]
Life sciences & healthcare
MA 376Life sciences and healthcare "à la Clermontoise" [...]
Barra Assessing functional brain connectivity changes in cognitive aging using RS-fMRI and graph theory [...]
Mephu Nguifo Stability measurement of motif extraction methods from protein sequences in classification tasks [...]
Pogorelcnik Clique separator decomposition and applications to biological data [...]
Logistics, traffic, and transportation
H 0106Analysis of decentralized network systems [...]
Saban The competitive facility location game: Equilibria and relations to the 1-median problem [...]
Gui A robustness analysis of a capacity exchange mechanism in multicommodity networks under demand uncertainty [...]
Fearing Managing air traffic disruptions through strategic prioritization [...]
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming
MA 041Techniques for convex MINLPs [...]
Bonami On disjunctive cuts for mixed integer convex programs [...]
Mahajan Algorithms for solving convex MINLPs with MINOTAUR [...]
Miller Valid inequalities for a nonseparable quadratic set [...]
MA 042MINLP theory and algorithms [...]
Traversi Separable underestimators for quadratic combinatorial optimization [...]
Coniglio Spatial branch-and-bound for nonconvex Euclidean norm constrained mathematical programs [...]
Multi-objective optimization
H 1029Vector optimization [...]
Hernández-Jiménez Characterization of efficient solutions for non-regular multiobjective problemas with inequality-type constraints [...]
Gutiérrez Approximation of efficient sets via ε-efficient sets [...]
Flores-Bazán Efficiency and ordering variational principles [...]
Nonlinear programming
H 0107Linear algebra for optimization [...]
Stoll Preconditioning for time-dependent PDE-constrained optimization problems [...]
Akle Preconditioning for iterative computation of search directions within interior methods for constrained optimization [...]
Orban Spectral analysis of matrices arising in regularized interior-point methods [...]
H 0112Convex nonlinear optimization I [...]
Stefanov Convex separable minimization with box constraints [...]
Perumal A decomposition technique for convex optimization problems [...]
Nonsmooth optimization
H 1012Nonsmooth optimization theory [...]
Wickström Generalized derivatives of the projection onto the cone of positive semidefinite matrices [...]
Zemkoho Optimization problems with value function objectives [...]
Huyer Minimizing functions containing absolute values of variables [...]
Optimization in energy systems
MA 549Capacity of gas transport networks [...]
Hayn Optimal allocation of capacities in gas networks [...]
Schewe Mixed-integer-programming methods for gas network optimization [...]
Hiller An automated method for the booking validation problem [...]
MA 550Gas and electricity networks [...]
Schwarz Gas network design with integrated optimization of topology and dimensioning [...]
Mckinnon An MINLP approach to islanding electricity networks [...]
PDE-constrained optimization & multi-level/multi-grid methods
H 0111PDE optimization in medicine I [...]
Fernandez Optimizing a chemotherapy model for brain tumors by using PDE [...]
Schwen Modeling flow through realistic, algorithmically generated vascular structures in the liver [...]
Lubkoll Optimal control in implant shape design [...]
MA 415Optimization applications in industry VI [...]
Hömberg Optimal control of multiphase steel production [...]
Vossen Optimization and model reduction methods for heat source determination in welding [...]
Kostina Optimization methods for nonlinear model predictive control of non-stationary partial differential equations [...]
Robust optimization
MA 004Robust optimization, estimation and machine learninig [...]
Shtern A robust optimization approach for tracking under bounded uncertainty [...]
Hazan Sublinear optimization for machine learning [...]
Bhattacharyya Making SVM Classifiers robust to uncertainty in kernel matrices [...]
Sparse optimization & compressed sensing
H 1028Computable bounds for sparse recovery [...]
d'Aspremont High-dimensional geometry, sparse statistics and optimization [...]
Kilinc Karzan Verifiable sufficient conditions for l1-recovery of sparse signals [...]
Juditsky Accuracy guaranties and optimal l1-recovery of sparse signals [...]
Stochastic optimization
MA 141High dimensional statistics: Techniques from stochastic and robust optimization [...]
Rigollet Deviation optimal model selection using greedy algorithms [...]
Mannor Robust sparse regression and orthogonal matching pursuit [...]
Sanghavi Learning the graph of network cascades [...]
MA 144Decomposition methods for multistage stochastic programs [...]
Guigues Sampling-based decomposition methods for multistage stochastic programs based on extended polyhedral risk measures [...]
Tekaya Risk neutral and risk averse stochastic dual dynamic programming method [...]
Sen Multi-stage stochastic decomposition [...]
Telecommunications & networks
H 3002Networks in production, logistics and transport [...]
Büttner Online network routing amongst unknown obstacles [...]
Werth Bottleneck routing games [...]
Bender Online delay management: Beyond competitive analysis [...]
H 3503Allocation problems [...]
Gullhav Service deployment in cloud data centers regarding quality of service (QoS) requirements [...]
Garg Heuristic mathematical models for solving dynamic task assignment problem in distributed real time systems [...]
Variational analysis
H 2035Structure and stability of optimization problems [...]
Ruckmann Max-type objective functions: A smoothing procedure and strongly stable stationary points [...]
Gfrerer Second-order conditions for a class of nonsmooth programs [...]
Fusek On metric regularity of the Kojima function in nonlinear semidefinite programming [...]
H 2051Optimization methods for nonsmooth inverse problems in PDEs [...]
Kaltenbacher Iterative regularization of parameter identification in PDEs in a Banach space framework [...]
Hofmann On smoothness concepts in regularization [...]
Clason Inverse problems for PDEs with uniform noise [...]


Thursday, 13:15 - 14:45 h


Approximation & online algorithms
H 3010Scheduling, packing and covering [...]
Höhn On the performance of Smith's rule in single-machine scheduling with nonlinear cost [...]
Dürr Packing and covering problems on the line as shortest path problems [...]
Souza Approximation algorithms for generalized and variable-sized bin covering [...]
Combinatorial optimization
H 3004Cycles in graphs [...]
Sprengel An optimal cycle packing for generalized Petersen graphs P(n,k) with k even [...]
Recht A "min-max-theorem'' for the cycle packing problem in Eulerian graphs [...]
Aoudia 4-cycle polytope on a graph [...]
H 3005Distance geometry and applications [...]
Lavor A discrete approach for solving distance geometry problems related to protein structure [...]
Nucci Solving the discretizable molecular distance geometry problem by multiple realization trees [...]
Kim Molecular distance geometry problem: A perspective from the Voronoi diagram [...]
H 3008Discrete structures and algorithms II [...]
Shioura Computing the convex closure of discrete convex functions [...]
Kamiyama Matroid intersection with priority constraints [...]
Peis Resource buying games [...]
H 3012Nonlinear combinatorial optimization [...]
Klein Separation algorithms for quadratic combinatorial optimization problems [...]
Gorge Quadratic cuts for semidefinite relaxation of combinatorial problems [...]
Vidal A new proposal for a lower bound in a generalized quadratic assignment problem applied to the zoning problem [...]
H 3013Inverse problems [...]
Catanzaro An exact algorithm to reconstruct phylogenetic trees under the minimum evolution criterion [...]
Gritzmann On some discrete inverse problems: Combinatorial optimization in discrete and refraction tomography [...]
H 3021Combinatorial optimization under uncertainty [...]
Noorizadegan A branch and cut approach for some heterogeneous routing problems under demand uncertainty [...]
Zheng Least square regret in stochastic discrete optimization [...]
Chao Dynamic pricing decision for a monopoly with strategic customers and price adjustment [...]
Complementarity & variational inequalities
MA 313Iterative methods for variational inequalities [...]
Konnov Extended systems of primal-dual variational inequalities [...]
Zaslavski The extragradient method for solving variational inequalities in the presence of computational errors [...]
Kalashnikov Finding a conjectural variations equilibrium in a financial model by solving a variational inequality problem [...]
Conic programming
H 2036Conic relaxation approaches for scheduling and selection problems [...]
Natarajan On theoretical and empirical aspects of marginal distribution choice models [...]
Yuan Integrated ship plan of strip coil consolidation and stowage [...]
H 2038Interior-point methods for conic programming [...]
Chua Weighted analytic centers for convex conic programming [...]
Hildebrand A barrier on convex cones with parameter equal to the dimension [...]
Choi New large-update primal-dual interior-point algorithms for symmetric optimization problems [...]
Derivative-free & simulation-based optimization
H 3003AAddressing noise in derivative-free optimization [...]
Wild Computational noise in simulation-based optimization [...]
Billups Managing the trust region and sample set for regression model based methods for optimizing noisy functions without derivatives [...]
Tröltzsch A model-based trust-region algorithm for derivative-free optimization and its adaptation to handle noisy functions and gradients [...]
Finance & economics
H 3027Optimization and economic applications [...]
Lozano Choosing the best partner for a horizontal cooperation [...]
Meng An interior-point path-following method for computing equilibria of an exchange economy with linear production technologies [...]
Tatar Asymptotic stability for the endogenous Solow model with discrete and distributed delays [...]
Game theory
MA 005Efficiency and optimization in games [...]
Pasquale Logit dynamics: Expected social welfare, mixing time, and metastability [...]
Gkatzelis Truthful mechanisms for proportionally fair allocations [...]
Christodoulou Coordination mechanisms for selfish routing games [...]
MA 043Game theory in supply chain management [...]
Arthanari Game theory and supply chain management: A survey [...]
Carfì Game theoretic modeling of supply chain coopetition among growers [...]
Global optimization
H 2053Advances in global optimization II [...]
Orlov On an approach to special nonlinear bilevel problems [...]
Chinneck Better placement of local solver launch points for global optimization [...]
Doagooei Global optimization on the difference of sub-topical functions [...]
Implementations & software
H 1058Modeling languages and software II [...]
Hochreiter Optimization modeling using R [...]
Schulz Enterprise-class optimization-based solutions with CPLEX Optimization Studio and SPSS predictive analytics [...]
Lopes Network optimization and beyond in SAS/OR Software [...]
Integer & mixed-integer programming
H 0104Strong relaxations for stable set and lot sizing [...]
Giandomenico An ellipsoidal relaxation for the stable set problem [...]
Rossi A branch-and-cut for the stable set problem based on an ellipsoidal relaxation [...]
Wolsey The one warehouse multiple retailer problem with start-ups and constant capacities [...]
H 2013Network analysis [...]
Molinero Variations in strict separating systems representing a linearly separable function [...]
Müller Cycle free flows in large-scale metabolic networks [...]
Wiesberg Computing role structures in networks [...]
H 2032Branch-and-price III: New techniques [...]
Bergner Packing cuts with column generation [...]
Gamst An exact approach for aggregated formulations [...]
Desrosiers Row-reduced column generation for highly degenerate master problems [...]
Life sciences & healthcare
MA 376Scheduling, assignment and matching in healthcare [...]
Trautsamwieser A branch-and-price approach for solving medium term home health care planning problems [...]
Jafariasbagh Optimal individual matching to evaluate treatment in the stroke trails [...]
Kirchner Appointment scheduling in a hospital environment [...]
Logistics, traffic, and transportation
H 0106Traffic assignment [...]
Perederieieva Solving the time surplus maximisation bi-objective user equilibrium model of traffic assignment [...]
Gasnikov Stochastic optimization in the model of correspondences matrix calculation and traffic flow distribution [...]
Chiou Modeling the performance reliability in an area traffic control road network under uncertainty [...]
MA 042Synchronization and collision avoidance [...]
Martin-Campo On solving the aircraft collision avoidance problem for the ATM by horizontal maneuvers. A ranked mutiobjective MINLO problem [...]
Quttineh Aircraft mission planning [...]
Gellert Scheduling multiple cranes on a shared pathway [...]
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming
MA 041Convex approaches for quadratic integer programs [...]
Letchford A new separation algorithm for the Boolean quadric and cut polytopes [...]
Fischer The asymmetric quadratic traveling salesman problem [...]
Mitchell Quadratic programs with complementarity constraints [...]
Nonlinear programming
H 0107Algorithms and applications I [...]
Cartis On the evaluation complexity of constrained nonlinear programming [...]
Wang An augmented Lagrangian trust region method for nonlinear programming [...]
Wu Computation of optimal strategies for evolutionary games [...]
H 0110Interior-point methods for linear programming [...]
Oliveira Continued iteration and simple algorithms on interior point methods for linear programming [...]
Casacio New preconditioners for interior point methods in linear programming [...]
Santos A polynomial optimization subproblem in interior-point methods [...]
H 0112Semidefinite and DC programming [...]
Alolyan Zeros of quadratic interval polynomials [...]
Nonsmooth optimization
H 1012Policy iteration algorithms and some applications [...]
Zidani Some convergence results for the policy iterations algorithm. [...]
Witte Penalty methods for the solution of discrete HJB equations - continuous control and obstacle problems [...]
Gaubert Policy iteration algorithm for zero-sum stochastic games with mean payoff [...]
Optimization in energy systems
MA 549Optimization in the natural gas markets [...]
Erbs Application of stochastic dual dynamic programming to the analysis of natural gas markets [...]
Ibrahim A stochastic generalized Nash-Cournot model for the European gas market. The S-GaMMES model. [...]
Tomasgard Multi-stage stochastic programming for natural gas infrastructure design [...]
MA 550Bilevel programming and housing retrofit [...]
Zak Bilevel Programming for combinatorial auctions in electricity markets [...]
Gross Risk averse bilevel problems in energy markets [...]
Jennings Optimization of technology investments and capital management in an urban energy system housing retrofit project: Use of rolling horizons in a London borough study [...]
PDE-constrained optimization & multi-level/multi-grid methods
H 0111PDE optimization in medicine II [...]
Barnard Optimal radiotherapy treatment planning using minimum entropy models [...]
Nagaiah Numerical solutions for boundary control of bidomain equations in cardiac electrophysiology [...]
Kirchner Large deformation diffeomorphic metric mapping using conforming adaptive finite elements [...]
MA 415Theory and methods for PDE-constrained optimization problems with inequalities [...]
Silva Alvarez Characterization of quadratic growth for strong minima in the optimal control of semi-linear elliptic equations [...]
Weiser Goal-oriented estimation for nonlinear optimal control problems [...]
Kruse An infeasible interior point method for optimal control problems with state constraints [...]
Robust optimization
MA 004Multistage robustness [...]
Wolf Accelerating nested Benders decomposition with game-tree search techniques to solve quantified linear programs [...]
Habermehl Robust design of active trusses via mixed integer nonlinear semidefinite programming [...]
Goerigk A geometric approach to recovery robustness [...]
Sparse optimization & compressed sensing
H 1028Nonconvex sparse optimization [...]
Wen Alternating direction augmented Lagrangian methods for a few nonconvex problems [...]
Solombrino Linearly constrained nonsmooth and nonconvex minimization [...]
Lai On the Schatten p-quasi-norm minimization for low rank matrix recovery [...]
Stochastic optimization
MA 141Two-stage stochastic programming and beyond [...]
Drapkin Decomposition methods for optimization problems with stochastic order constraints induced by linear recourse [...]
Henkel Some remarks on linear stochastic bilevel programs [...]
Wollenberg Stochastic vehicle routing in forwarding agencies [...]
MA 144Large-scale and multi-stage stochastic optimization [...]
Timonina Multi-stage stochastic optimisation and approximations with applications [...]
Pichler Approximation of stochastic processes [...]
Nino-Mora Sufficient indexability conditions for real-state restless bandit projects via infinite-dimensional LP-based partial conservation laws [...]
Telecommunications & networks
H 3002Network clustering [...]
Ovelgönne Ensemble learning for combinatorial optimization: Modularity maximization and beyond [...]
Schumm Experiments on density-constrained graph clustering [...]
Sun Low complexity interference alignment algorithms for desired signal power maximization problem of MIMO channels [...]
H 3503Paths, trees and flows [...]
Franco A new linear time algorithm to construct dominator trees of reducible flow graphs [...]
Fernandez A compact formulation for the optimum communication spanning tree problem [...]
Lindberg Updating shortest path subproblem solutions in large scale optimization [...]
Variational analysis
H 2035Stability of constraint systems [...]
Izmailov Strong regularity and abstract Newton schemes for nonsmooth generalized equations [...]
Henrion On (co-)derivatives of the solution map to a class of generalized equations [...]
Lopez Lower semicontinuity of the feasible set mapping of linear systems relative to their domains [...]
H 2051Variational analysis of optimal value functions and set-valued mappings with applications [...]
Bounkhel Regularity concepts of perturbed distance functions at points outside of the set in Banach spaces [...]
Kum A geometric mean of parameterized arithmetic and harmonic means of convex functions [...]
Yen Coderivatives of a Karush-Kuhn-Tucker point set map and applications [...]
MA 649Variational methods in inverse problems [...]
Klann A Mumford-Shah type approach for tomography data [...]
Pricop-Jeckstadt Genomic selection and iterative regularization methods [...]
Pöschl TV-denoising and evolution of sets [...]


Thursday, 15:15 - 16:45 h


Special sessions
MA 041Klaus Tschira workshop [...]
Klaus Tschira workshop Übungen, Raum MA 241, 17-20 Uhr [...]
Hiller Geometrie und Optimierung für den Handlungsreisenden [...]
Kirches Schöne optimierte neue Welt? [...]
Approximation & online algorithms
H 3010Online algorithms [...]
Madry A polylogarithmic-competitive algorithm for the k-server problem [...]
Bhaskar Online mixed packing and covering [...]
Mirrokni Simultaneous adversarial and stochastic approximations for budgeted allocation problems [...]
Combinatorial optimization
H 3004Optimization methods for geometric problems [...]
de Souza Towards solving to optimality the art gallery with point-guards problem [...]
Kröller Practical solutions and bounds for art gallery problems [...]
Halperin Multi-objective path optimization in motion planning: From the particular to the general [...]
H 3005Recent advances in matching algorithms [...]
Gupta Fully dynamic maximal matching in O(log n) update time [...]
Huang Efficient algorithms for maximum weight matchings in general graphs with small edge weights [...]
Mahdian Online bipartite matching with random arrivals: An approach based on strongly factor-revealing LPs [...]
H 3008Discrete structures and algorithms III [...]
Kobayashi An algorithm for finding a maximum t-matching excluding complete partite subgraphs [...]
Tanigawa Rooted-tree decompositions with matroid constraints and the infinitesimal rigidity of frameworks with boundaries [...]
Nagano Size-constrained submodular minimization through minimum norm base [...]
H 3012Arborescences [...]
Bernáth Covering minimum cost arborescences [...]
Leston-Rey Packing entering sets in kernel systems [...]
Call A polyhedral analysis of a unique shortest path routing polytope [...]
H 3013Scheduling and network flows over time [...]
Groß Approximating earliest arrival flows in arbitrary networks [...]
Marchetti-Spaccamela Universal sequencing on an unreliable machine [...]
Kappmeier Flows over time with negative transit times and arc release dates [...]
Complementarity & variational inequalities
MA 313Algorithms for complementarity and related problems I [...]
Pogosyan Semismooth Newton-type methods for lifted mathematical programs with complementarity constraints [...]
Uskov Global convergence of augmented Lagrangian methods applied to optimization problems with degenerate constraints, including problems with complementarity constraints [...]
Morris Efficient computation of a canonical form for a generalized P-matrix [...]
Conic programming
H 2036Conic optimization and signal processing applications [...]
Ji Approximating a KKT point of Schatten p-quasi-norm minimization in polynomial time, with applications to sensor network localization [...]
Ma Semidefinite relaxation in wireless communications: Forefront developments, advances and challenges [...]
Yang Multi-portfolio optimization: A variational inequality approach [...]
H 2038Recent developments of theory and applications in conic optimization I [...]
Gowda On the nonhomogeneity and the bilinearity rank of a completely positive cone [...]
Muramatsu A perturbed sums of squares theorem for polynomial optimization and its applications [...]
Alizadeh Some geometric applications of abstract algebraic sum-of-squares cones [...]
Derivative-free & simulation-based optimization
H 3003ARecent progress in direct search methods [...]
Le Digabel The mesh adaptive direct search algorithm with reduced number of directions [...]
Martínez Inexact restoration method for derivative-free optimization with smooth constraints [...]
Garmanjani Smoothing and worst case complexity for direct-search methods in non-smooth optimization [...]
Finance & economics
H 3021Modern portfolio optimization [...]
Özekici Portfolio selection with hyperexponential utility functions [...]
Hendrix On finding optimal portfolios with risky assets [...]
H 3027Applications in finance [...]
Ekblom Optimal hedging of foreign exchange risk in uncertain cash flows using stochastic programming [...]
Barkhagen An optimization based method for arbitrage-free estimation of the implied risk neutral density surface [...]
Mayer Portfolio optimization with objective functions from cumulative prospect theory [...]
Game theory
MA 005New models and solution concepts I [...]
Wu A new solution concept for cooperative games [...]
Granot Subgame perfect consistent stability [...]
MA 043Software piracy and mastermind [...]
Perlman Software piracy prevention and price determination [...]
Winzen Playing mastermind with many colors [...]
Global optimization
H 2053Advances in global optimization III [...]
Csendes Symbolic simplification of nonlinear optimization problems [...]
Nguyen The interior exterior approach for linear programming problem [...]
Nguyen Solving standard problem (StQP) [...]
Implementations & software
H 1058Modeling languages and software III [...]
Rutquist Trajectory optimization with TOMLAB/PROPT [...]
Valente Optimisation under uncertainty: Software tools for modelling and solver support [...]
Beraudier Modeling best practices: How to write good optimization models efficiently thanks to IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and its debugging support [...]
Integer & mixed-integer programming
H 2013Topology, clustering and separation [...]
Fampa MILP formulation for the software clustering problem [...]
Guillén Natural languages with the morphosyntactic distance as a topological space [...]
Andruski-Guimarães Comparison of techniques based on linear programming to detect separation [...]
H 2032Branch-and-price IV: Primal heuristics [...]
Puchert Large neighborhood search and diving heuristics in column generation algorithms [...]
Vanderbeck Primal heuristics for branch-and-price [...]
Bastubbe A branch-and-price algorithm for rearranging a matrix into doubly bordered block-diagonal form [...]
H 2033Mixed-integer linear and semidefinite programs [...]
Mars Approaches to solve mixed integer semidefinite programs [...]
Hoang Steiner tree packing revisited [...]
Miltenberger Advances in linear programming [...]
Life sciences & healthcare
MA 376Mathematical modeling of disease [...]
Savic Mathematical modeling of amygdalin isolation from plum kernel using response surface methodology [...]
Ouncharoen Stability of HIV aphaeresis model [...]
Logistics, traffic, and transportation
H 0106Logistics and transportation [...]
Korula Prize-collecting Steiner network problems on planar graphs [...]
Bateni PTAS for planar multiway cut [...]
Asadpour Rounding by sampling and an O(log n / log log n) approximation algorithm for ATSP [...]
MA 042Real-world applications [...]
Holmberg Planning and routing in networks: Urban snow removal [...]
Branchini Fleet deployment optimization model for tramp and liner shipping [...]
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming
MA 001Mixed-integer nonlinear programming [...]
Onn Integer programming in polynomial time via Graver bases [...]
Sotirov SDP relaxations for the graph partition problem [...]
Hemmecke N-fold integer programming in cubic time [...]
Multi-objective optimization
H 1029Preference structures in multi-objective optimization [...]
Eichfelder A procedure for solving vector optimization problems with a variable ordering structure [...]
Soleimani Approximate solutions of vector optimization with variable order structure [...]
Kasimbeyli Characterization of properly nondominated elements in vector optimization with variable ordering structures [...]
Nonlinear programming
H 0107Algorithms and applications II [...]
Fan Accelerating the modified Levenberg-Marquardt method [...]
Wang Optimizing inversion methods for seismic imaging [...]
Bosse Limited memory updating and quadratic overestimation for NLOP [...]
H 0110Polynomial optimization and semidefinite programming [...]
Zhi Computing real solutions of polynomial systems via low-rank moment matrix completion [...]
Riener Symmetry in polynomial optimization [...]
Schweighofer The sums of squares dual of a semidefinite program [...]
H 0112Nonlinear multilevel and domain decomposition methods in optimization [...]
Dostal Optimal massively parallel algorithms for large QP/QPQC problems arising in mechanics [...]
Turner Applications of domain decomposition to topology optimization [...]
Krause Inherently nonlinear decomposition and multilevel strategies for non-convex minimization [...]
Nonsmooth optimization
H 1012Algorithms for nonsmooth optimization [...]
Mifflin A first step in designing a VU-algorithm for nonconvex minimization [...]
Oliveira Exploring accuracy and geometry in level bundle methods [...]
Ouorou Specialized proximal Chebychev center cutting plane algorithm for convex additive functions [...]
Optimization in energy systems
MA 549Equilibrium models for electricity markets [...]
Holmberg Supply function equilibria in networks with transport constraints [...]
Anderson When do supply function equilibria exist? [...]
Philpott Competitive equilibrium and risk aversion in hydro-dominated electricity markets [...]
MA 550Gas transport in networks [...]
Schmidt An extended interior point method for nonsmooth nonlinear optimization in gas networks [...]
Joormann Analyzing infeasibility in natural gas networks [...]
Gollmer Stationary gas transport - Structure of the problem and a solution approach [...]
PDE-constrained optimization & multi-level/multi-grid methods
H 0111Adjoint-based methods and algorithmic differentiation in large scale optimization [...]
Strogies A time-labeling approach for open pit mine planning [...]
Özkaya Automatic differentiation of an unsteady RANS solver for optimal active flow control [...]
Schmidt Large scale shape optimization [...]
MA 415Variational methods in image processing and compressed sensing [...]
Dong A convex variational model for restoring blurred images with multiplicative noise [...]
Jiang Surveillance video processing using compressive sensing [...]
Wu A nonconvex TVq model in image restoration [...]
Robust optimization
MA 004Regret with robustness: Models, algorithms and applications [...]
Shi A probabilistic model for minmax regret combinatorial optimization [...]
Uichanco Regret optimization for stochastic inventory models with spread information [...]
Sparse optimization & compressed sensing
H 1028Variational signal processing -- algorithms and applications [...]
Zhang On variational image decomposition model for blurred images with missing pixel values [...]
Yang Convergence of a class of stationary iterative methods for saddle point problems [...]
Stochastic optimization
MA 141Measures of uncertainty [...]
Maggioni Measures of information in multistage stochastic programming [...]
Garatti The risk of empirical costs in randomized min-max stochastic optimization [...]
Gaivoronski Stochastic bilevel optimization problems with applications to telecom [...]
MA 144Chance constrained stochastic optimization [...]
Song A branch-and-cut algorithm for the chance-constrained knapsack problem [...]
Birman Overall aircraft design based on chance-constrained programming [...]
Cheng Stochastic linear programming with joint chance constraints [...]
Telecommunications & networks
H 3002Network design [...]
Nguyen A direct algorithm for detecting negative cost cycles in undirected graphs [...]
Benhamiche On the optical multi-band network design problem [...]
Taktak Models and algorithms for the survivable multilayer network design problem [...]
H 3503Robust communication networks [...]
Claßen A branch-and-price approach for the robust wireless network planning [...]
Karch Fiber replacement scheduling [...]
Variational analysis
H 2035Set-valued convex and quasiconvex duality [...]
Schrage Dini derivatives for vector- and set-valued functions [...]
Hamel Lagrange duality in set optimization [...]
Drapeau Complete duality for convex and quasiconvex set-valued functions [...]
H 2051Semi-continuous programming [...]
Ribeiro Fenchel-Moreau conjugation for lower semi-continuous functions [...]
Raupp A duality scheme for semi-continuous programming [...]
Sosa Separation theorems for closed sets [...]


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