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Approximation & online algorithms
H 3010Travelling salesman problem I [...]
MA 041Practical implementations and models using approximation algorithms [...]
Combinatorial optimization
H 3004Cone factorizations and lifts of convex sets [...]
H 3005Lift-and-project methods for combinatorial optimization problems [...]
H 3008Combinatorics and geometry of linear optimization I [...]
H 3012Algorithms for transistor-level layout [...]
H 3013Matching and related problems [...]
H 3021Sampling, sorting and graph traversal: Algorithms for finding permutations [...]
Complementarity & variational inequalities
MA 313MPECs in function space I [...]
Conic programming
H 2036Advances in convex optimization [...]
H 2038Applications of semidefinite programming [...]
Constraint programming
H 3003ACP hybrids for scheduling [...]
Derivative-free & simulation-based optimization
H 3503New techniques for optimization without derivatives [...]
Finance & economics
H 3027Financial optimization [...]
Game theory
MA 043Coordination mechanisms for efficient equilibria [...]
Global optimization
H 2053Rigorous global optimization [...]
Implementations & software
H 1058Software for constraint programming [...]
Integer & mixed-integer programming
H 2013Advances in mixed integer programming [...]
H 2032Trends in mixed integer programming III [...]
Life sciences & healthcare
H 2033Bioinformatics and combinatorial optimization II [...]
Logistics, traffic, and transportation
H 0106Hub location problems [...]
H 0111Logistics and network optimization: New problems and new approaches [...]
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming
MA 005Advances in MINLP [...]
Multi-objective optimization
H 1029Interactive multiobjective optimization [...]
Nonlinear programming
H 0107Methods for nonlinear optimization V [...]
H 0110Nonlinear optimization V [...]
H 0112Real-time optimization II [...]
Nonsmooth optimization
H 1012Nonsmooth optimization methods [...]
Optimization in energy systems
MA 549Stochastic programming applications in energy systems [...]
MA 550Stochastic programming models for electricity generation planning [...]
PDE-constrained optimization & multi-level/multi-grid methods
MA 415Optimization applications in industry I [...]
Robust optimization
MA 004Applications of robust optimization I [...]
MA 042Advances in robust optimization [...]
Sparse optimization & compressed sensing
H 1028Coordinate descent methods for huge-scale optimization [...]
Stochastic optimization
MA 141Stochastic optimization - Confidence sets, stability, robustness [...]
MA 144Topics in stochastic programming [...]
MA 376Computational aspects of stochastic integer programming for large-scale and/or real-world problems [...]
Telecommunications & networks
H 3002Tree problems [...]
Variational analysis
H 2035Control and optimization of impulsive systems I [...]
H 2051Regularity and sensitivity in multicriteria optimization [...]


Sorted by cluster |  Room Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri
10:30 | 13:15 | 15:15 | any
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