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Approximation & online algorithms
H 3010Approximation in algorithmic game theory [...]
Georgiou Black-box reductions for cost-sharing mechanism design [...]
Vöcking A universally-truthful approximation scheme for multi-unit auctions [...]
Chakrabarty Matching markets with ordinal preferences [...]
Combinatorial optimization
H 3004Generalizing shortest paths, cycles, and Steiner trees [...]
Gualandi Resource constrained shortest paths with a super additive objective function [...]
Dan Finding the shortest cycle in directed graphs under some constraints on passing vertices and paths [...]
Karbstein Approximation and min-max results for the Steiner connectivity problem [...]
H 3005Submodularity and covering [...]
Sviridenko New and improved bounds for the minimum set cover problem [...]
Krause Adaptive submodularity: Theory and applications in active learning and stochastic optimization [...]
Zenklusen Matroids and integrality gaps for hypergraphic Steiner tree relaxations [...]
H 3008LP based approximation algorithms for location and routing [...]
Byrka Fault-tolerant facility location: A randomized dependent LP-rounding algorithm [...]
Blasiak Improved approximation algorithms for the minimum latency problem via prize-collecting paths [...]
Friggstad A logarithmic approximation for the directed latency problem [...]
H 3012Scheduling III [...]
Poppenborg Modeling the resource-constrained project scheduling problem with resource transfers using a graph approach. [...]
Bosio Mailroom production planning [...]
H 3013Trees and words [...]
Hochstättler Some heuristics for the binary paint shop problem and their expected number of colour changes [...]
Krzywkowski An algorithm listing all minimal dominating sets of a tree [...]
Matsui An enumeration algorithm for the optimal cost vertex-colorings for trees [...]
H 3021Data structures and algorithms for VLSI routing [...]
Müller Multi-flows and generalizations in VLSI routing [...]
Schulte Efficient algorithms and data structures in VLSI detailed routing [...]
Gester New challenges in chip design driven by technology scaling [...]
Complementarity & variational inequalities
MA 041Complementarity properties of linear transformations on Euclidean Jordan algebras [...]
Irulappasamy P and semimonotonicity properties of linear transformations on Euclidean Jordan algebras [...]
Tao The completely-Q property for linear transformations on Euclidean Jordan algebras [...]
Sznajder Complementarity properties of linear transformations on product spaces via Schur complements [...]
MA 313Matrix classes for linear complementarity problems [...]
Munson Preprocessing with composite matrices [...]
Cottle Lemke's algorithms and matrix classes for the linear complementarity problem [...]
Uchida Think co(mpletely)positive! Algebraic properties of matrices belonging to the copositive or related cones [...]
Conic programming
H 2036Smoothing methods for symmetric cone complementarity problems [...]
Cheng A smoothing method for symmetric cone complementarity problems [...]
Fukuda Differentiable exact penalty functions for nonlinear second-order cone programs [...]
Hayashi A smoothing SQP method for mathematical programs with second-order cone complementarity constraints [...]
H 2038New advances in conic programming [...]
Sponsel On standard quadratic optimization problems [...]
Dobre Infinite dimensional semidefinite programming [...]
Vera Exploiting symmetry in copositive programs [...]
Constraint programming
H 3003AConstraint programming for routing and scheduling [...]
Fages Solving the traveling salesman problem with constraint programming [...]
Malapert Scheduling a batch processing machine with constraints [...]
Rousseau Formal language for retail store workforce scheduling [...]
Derivative-free & simulation-based optimization
H 3503Derivative-free optimization and constraints [...]
Fasano An exact penalty method for constrained Lipschitz optimization [...]
Kofler Derivative-free optimization with equality constraints using data analysis [...]
Powell On derivative-free optimization with linear constraints [...]
Finance & economics
H 3027Portfolio optimization [...]
Ortobelli Lozza On the impact of some distributional factors in large scale portfolio problems [...]
Gotoh Robust portfolio techniques for coherent risk minimization [...]
Shioda Factor alignment problem in quantitative portfolio management [...]
Game theory
MA 043Game-theoretic models in operations [...]
Lobel Intertemporal price discrimination: Structure and computation of optimal policies [...]
Nazerzadeh Buy-it-now or take-a-chance: A mechanism for real-time price discrimination [...]
Perakis Markdown optimization for a fashion e-tailer: The impact of returning customers [...]
Global optimization
H 2053Convex optimization approaches to polynomial optimization problems [...]
Lambert Convex reformulations of integer quadratically constrained problems [...]
Rendl Active set methods for convex quadratic optimization with simple bounds [...]
Implementations & software
H 1058MILP software II [...]
Tieves Creating synergies between MIP-solvers [...]
Joswig polymake for integer linear programming [...]
Gardi LocalSolver: A mathematical programming solver based on local search [...]
Integer & mixed-integer programming
H 2013MILP formulations III [...]
Torres Optimizing the Ecuadorian football league third division. [...]
Hotta Enumeration and characterization of the electoral districting for the decision support [...]
Önnheim The opportunistic replacement problem: Model, theory and numerics [...]
H 2032Trends in mixed integer programming II [...]
Angulo Semi-continuous network flow problems [...]
Salvagnin Randomness and tree search [...]
Smriglio Interdiction branching [...]
MA 042Non-standard optimization methods [...]
Polyak Nonlinear equilibrium for optimal resource allocation [...]
Egbers Some remarks on the LP-Newton method [...]
Life sciences & healthcare
H 2033Bioinformatics and combinatorial optimization I [...]
Voller An optimal solution to the generalized distance geometry problem [...]
Mucherino Re-ordering protein side chains for the discretization of MDGPs [...]
Gebser Repair and prediction (under inconsistency) in large biological networks with answer set programming [...]
Logistics, traffic, and transportation
H 0106Routing with time windows [...]
Otero A hybrid evolutionary approach for solving the vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW) [...]
Montanher An integer programming model for the oil transference in refineries under time window constraints [...]
Stursberg Vehicle routing with flexible load carriers [...]
H 0111Green maritime transport logistics [...]
Psaraftis Speed optimization in a ship pickup and delivery problem: balancing economic and environmental performance [...]
Lindstad Scheduling and environmental routing of maritime vessels in a multiobjective environment [...]
Schinas The cost of SOx limits to marine operators: Results from exploring marine fuel prices [...]
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming
MA 005Efficient solvers for mixed integer nonlinear optimization problems [...]
Vigerske Solving MINLPs with SCIP [...]
Dong On box constrained quadratic programming with binary indicators [...]
Belotti Separation of valid inequalities for multilinear functions [...]
Multi-objective optimization
H 1029Multiobjective optimization II [...]
Stidsen A branch & cut algorithm for bi-objective TSP [...]
Karakaya Decision support for multi-attribute multi-item reverse auctions [...]
Nasim Non-radial models to define the preference measure for convex cone-based strict partial order [...]
Nonlinear programming
H 0107Methods for nonlinear optimization IV [...]
Tannier Block diagonal preconditioners using spectral information for saddle-point systems [...]
Dürr Continuous-time saddle point algorithms with applications in control [...]
H 0110Nonlinear optimization IV [...]
Fowkes Global optimization of Lipschitz continuous functions [...]
Fletcher On trust regions and projections for an SLCP algorithm for NLP [...]
Erway Quasi-Newton methods for solving the trust-region subproblem [...]
H 0112Real-time optimization I [...]
Ferreau The ACADO code generation tool for high-speed model predictive control and moving horizon estimation [...]
Frasch Fast mixed-level iteration schemes for nonlinear model predictive control on multicore architectures [...]
Diehl Real-time optimization of large distributed systems [...]
Nonsmooth optimization
H 1012Nonsmooth optimization in imaging sciences II [...]
goldman Continuous primal-dual methods for image processing [...]
Helou Incremental subgradients for constrained convex optimization: A unified framework and new methods [...]
Fehrenbach Stripes removal in images, applications in microscopy [...]
Optimization in energy systems
MA 549Multi-stage stochastic programming models for electricity systems [...]
de Matos On solving multistage stochastic programs with general coherent risk measures [...]
Girardeau Modelling electricity prices and capacity expansions over a long-term horizon [...]
Barty A quantities decomposition scheme for energy management [...]
MA 550Nonlinear and combinatorial aspects in energy optimization [...]
Zaourar Prices stabilization for inexact unit-commitment problems [...]
Frangioni Exploiting structure in MIQP approaches to unit commitment problems [...]
Vespucci A procedure for minimizing variations of an initial operating point in medium-voltage AC network with distributed generation and storage devices [...]
PDE-constrained optimization & multi-level/multi-grid methods
MA 415Adaptive methods in PDE constrained optimization [...]
Wollner Adaptive finite element discretizations in structural optimization [...]
Hoppe Adaptive space-time finite element approximations of parabolic optimal control problems [...]
Robust optimization
MA 004Dynamic optimization and its applications [...]
Iancu Supermodularity and dynamic robust optimization [...]
Nohadani Robust evolution-based optimization in radiation therapy [...]
Goyal Static vs. dynamic robust optimization [...]
Sparse optimization & compressed sensing
H 1028Machine learning algorithms and implementations [...]
Schmidt Linearly-convergent stochastic gradient methods [...]
Oh Statistical analysis of ranking from pairwise comparisons [...]
Stochastic optimization
MA 141Methods of risk-averse optimization [...]
Fabian Computational aspects of risk-averse optimization [...]
Ruszczynski Methods for solving risk-averse dynamic optimization problems [...]
Dentcheva Decomposition methods for solving two-stage optimization problems with stochastic ordering constraints [...]
MA 144Recent advances in risk representation [...]
Delage Decision making under uncertainty when preference information is incomplete [...]
Pachamanova Skewness-aware asset allocation: A new theoretical framework and empirical evidence [...]
Chen An axiomatic approach to systemic risk [...]
MA 376Multistage stochastic mixed 0-1 optimization: Algorithms and applications [...]
Unzueta Scenario cluster Lagrangian decomposition [...]
Escudero Stochastic tactical supply chain management under uncertainty [...]
Garín A BFC-MS algorithm for solving multistage mixed 0-1 stochastic problems with risk averse stochastic dominance constraints [...]
Telecommunications & networks
H 3002Flow and path problems [...]
Thielen Maximum flows with minimum quantities [...]
Senatore The online replacement path problem [...]
Araujo An algorithm for the multi-terminal maximum flow [...]
Variational analysis
H 2035Nonsmooth analysis via piecewise-linearization [...]
Khan Evaluating an element of the Clarke generalized Jacobian of a piecewise differentiable function [...]
Griewank On piecewise linearization and lexicographic differentiation [...]
Fiege An exploratory line-search for piecewise smooth functions [...]
H 2051Variational inequalities and optimization problems on Riemannian manifolds [...]
Colao Equilibrium problems in Hadamard manifolds [...]
Leustean Firmly nonexpansive mappings in classes of geodesic spaces [...]
Oliveira Proximal and descent methods on Riemannian manifolds [...]


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