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H 0106Hub location problems [...]
Sender A local improvement heuristic for a hub location problem in wagonload traffic [...]
Armentano Tabu search for the hub covering problem [...]
H 0107Methods for nonlinear optimization V [...]
Jaraczewski Interior point methods for a new class of minimum energy point systems on smooth manifolds [...]
Rozgic Interior point methods for the optimization of technological forming processes [...]
H 0110Nonlinear optimization V [...]
Ridzal A matrix-free trust-region SQP algorithm for large-scale optimization [...]
Forsgren Inexact Newton methods with applications to interior methods [...]
Zhou Numerical experience of a primal-dual active set method and its improvement [...]
H 0111Logistics and network optimization: New problems and new approaches [...]
Richter An integrated approach to tactical logistics network optimization [...]
Penn Cyclic routing of unmanned aerial vehicles [...]
Raviv Optimal control of battery switching stations [...]
H 0112Real-time optimization II [...]
Anitescu Scalable dynamic optimization [...]
Kirches A real-time iteration scheme for mixed-integer nonlinear model predictive control [...]
Borrelli Real-time stochastic predictive control applied to building control systems [...]
H 1012Nonsmooth optimization methods [...]
Pietrus Some methods for solving perturbed variational inclusions [...]
Hendrich A double smoothing technique for solving nondifferentiable convex optimization problems [...]
Gustavsson Primal convergence from dual subgradient methods for convex optimization [...]
H 1028Coordinate descent methods for huge-scale optimization [...]
Richtarik Parallel block coordinate descent methods for huge-scale partially separable problems [...]
Takac Distributed block coordinate descent method: Iteration complexity and efficient hybrid implementation [...]
Tappenden Block coordinate descent method for block-structured problems [...]
H 1029Interactive multiobjective optimization [...]
Geiger Multi-objective inventory routing: Reference-point-based search, representations, and neighborhoods [...]
Miettinen Interactive Pareto Navigator method for nonconvex multiobjective optimization [...]
Trinkaus Multi criteria decision support in real-time [...]
H 1058Software for constraint programming [...]
Shaw Automatic search in CP optimizer [...]
Nightingale Watched literals and generating propagators in constraint programming [...]
Tack Towards MiniZinc 2.0 [...]
H 2013Advances in mixed integer programming [...]
Toriello Optimal toll design: A lower bound framework for the traveling salesman problem [...]
Zhang Cardinality-constrained continuous mixing set [...]
Fukasawa New inequalities for mixing sets arising in chance constrained programming [...]
H 2032Trends in mixed integer programming III [...]
He Minimum concave cost network flow over a grid network [...]
Kis Strengthening the MIP formulation of a bilevel lot-sizing problem [...]
Furini Heuristic and exact algorithms for the interval min-max regret knapsack problem [...]
H 2033Bioinformatics and combinatorial optimization II [...]
Köster Protein hypernetworks [...]
Klau Charge group partitioning in biomolecular simulation [...]
Andonov Optimal DALI protein structure alignment [...]
H 2035Control and optimization of impulsive systems I [...]
Karamzin Existence theorems and Pontryagin's Maximum Principle for impulsive control problems [...]
Silva Optimal impulsive control problems under uncertainty [...]
de Oliveira An Invexity Type Condition on Impulsive Optimal Control Systems [...]
H 2036Advances in convex optimization [...]
Pena A smooth primal-dual perceptron-von Neumann algorithm [...]
Zuluaga Positive polynomials on unbounded domains [...]
Lotz Conditioning of the convex feasibility problem and sparse recovery [...]
H 2038Applications of semidefinite programming [...]
Ahmadi Joint spectral radius, path-complete graphs, and semidefinite programming [...]
Truetsch A "smart'' choice of a relaxation for the quadratic assignment problem within a branch-and-bound framework [...]
Doan Feature extraction and data clustering with SDP-representable norms [...]
H 2051Regularity and sensitivity in multicriteria optimization [...]
Durea Metric regularity and Fermat rules in set-valued optimization [...]
Strugariu Metric regularity and subregularity of set-valued mappings with applications to vector optimization [...]
Zalinescu Variational principles for multifunctions and applications [...]
H 2053Rigorous global optimization [...]
Schichl Balanced rigorous relaxation methods in global optimization [...]
Domes Finding global robust solutions of robust quadratic optimization problems [...]
Neumaier Projective methods for constraint satisfaction and global optimization [...]
H 3002Tree problems [...]
Zey The stochastic Steiner tree problem: Models and solution strategies [...]
Moura Generalized degree constraints arising in wireless networks problems [...]
Raghavan Recoverable robust two level network design [...]
H 3003ACP hybrids for scheduling [...]
Lombardi Hybrid off-line/on-line workload scheduling via machine learning and constraint programming [...]
Beck Loosely coupled hybrids: Tabu search, constraint programming and mixed integer programming for job shop scheduling [...]
Feydy Lazy clause generation for RCPSP [...]
H 3004Cone factorizations and lifts of convex sets [...]
Vavasis Identifying k large submatrices using convex programming [...]
Gouveia Semidefinite lifts of polytopes [...]
Glineur Compact polyhedral approximations for convex sets defined by polynomials [...]
H 3005Lift-and-project methods for combinatorial optimization problems [...]
Chlamtac Reduced integrality gaps and improved approximations via lift-and-project methods [...]
Laurent Error bounds for sums of squares relaxations of some polynomial optimization problems [...]
Tulsiani Effectiveness and limitations of local constraints [...]
H 3008Combinatorics and geometry of linear optimization I [...]
Santos Counter-examples to the Hirsch conjecture [...]
Hähnle An abstract view on the polynomial Hirsch conjecture [...]
Zinchenko Polytopes and arrangements: Diameter and curvature [...]
H 3010Travelling salesman problem I [...]
Sebő Shorter tours by nicer ears [...]
van Zuylen A proof of the Boyd-Carr conjecture [...]
Boyd The travelling salesman problem on cubic and subcubic graphs [...]
H 3012Algorithms for transistor-level layout [...]
Nieberg BonnCell: Routing of leaf cells in VLSI design [...]
Schneider BonnCell: Placement of leaf cells in VLSI design [...]
Hougardy Transistor level layout: Algorithms and complexity [...]
H 3013Matching and related problems [...]
Bérczi Restricted b-matchings [...]
Takazawa Covering cuts in bridgeless cubic graphs [...]
Hartvigsen A generalized k-matching problem [...]
H 3021Sampling, sorting and graph traversal: Algorithms for finding permutations [...]
Miracle Mixing times of self-organizing lists and biased permutations [...]
Paluch Simpler approximation of the maximum asymmetric traveling salesman problem [...]
H 3027Financial optimization [...]
Li A novel method for computing an optimal VaR portfolio [...]
Lin First-order algorithms for optimal trade execution with dynamic risk measures [...]
Moazeni Regularized robust optimization for optimal portfolio execution [...]
H 3503New techniques for optimization without derivatives [...]
Wright Defining non-monotone derivative-free methods [...]
Gray Calculating and using sensitivity information during derivative-free optimization routines [...]
Amaran A comparison of software and algorithms in unconstrained simulation optimization problems [...]
MA 004Applications of robust optimization I [...]
Yanikoglu Robust simulation-based optimization with Taguchian regression models [...]
Chen Robust sparse regression and orthogonal matching pursuit [...]
Ng Target-oriented robust optimization for gas field development planning [...]
MA 005Advances in MINLP [...]
Terlaky Conic representation of the convex hull of disjunctions of convex sets and conic cuts for mixed integer second order cone optimization [...]
Drewes Cover inequalities and outer-approximation for mixed-01 SOCPs [...]
Morsi Solving MINLPs on loosely coupled networks [...]
MA 041Practical implementations and models using approximation algorithms [...]
Carrasco Experimental results of approximation algorithms for energy aware scheduling [...]
Asgeirsson Performance of distributed game theoretic algorithms for single slot scheduling in wireless networks [...]
Phillips Scheduling and planning magnetic resonance imaging machines [...]
MA 042Advances in robust optimization [...]
Xu A distributional interpretation of robust optimization, with applications in machine learning [...]
Houska Lifting methods for generalized semi-infinite programs [...]
Wiesemann Robust Markov decision processes [...]
MA 043Coordination mechanisms for efficient equilibria [...]
Gourves On the price of anarchy of the set cover game [...]
Müller Mechanism design for decentralized online machine scheduling [...]
Gairing Coordination mechanisms for congestion games [...]
MA 141Stochastic optimization - Confidence sets, stability, robustness [...]
Vogel Confidence regions for level sets: Sufficient conditions [...]
Lachout Local information in stochastic optimization program [...]
Kopa Robustness in stochastic programs with risk and probabilistic constraints [...]
MA 144Topics in stochastic programming [...]
Royset Nonparametric estimation using exponential epi-splines [...]
Pasupathy On interior-point based retrospective approximation methods for solving two-stage stochastic linear programs [...]
MA 313MPECs in function space I [...]
Wachsmuth Convergence analysis of smoothing methods for optimal control of stationary variational inequalities [...]
Surowiec A PDE-constrained generalized Nash equilibrium problem with pointwise control and state constraints [...]
Rautenberg Hyperbolic quasi-variational inequalities with gradient-type constraints [...]
MA 376Computational aspects of stochastic integer programming for large-scale and/or real-world problems [...]
Schweiger Multi-scenario topology optimization in gas networks [...]
Kießling ISPO – Integrated size and price optimization for a fashion discounter with many branches [...]
Rambau The stochastic guaranteed service model [...]
MA 415Optimization applications in industry I [...]
Tse Optimal boundary control of natural convection-radiation model in melting furnaces [...]
Sprekels Optimal control problems arising in the industrial growth of bulk semiconductor single crystals [...]
Stingelin Applications of optimal control in electromagnetic flow measurement [...]
MA 549Stochastic programming applications in energy systems [...]
Petra Scalable stochastic optimization of power grid energy systems [...]
Klabjan Day ahead stochastic unit commitment with demand response and load shifting [...]
Defourny A quantile-based approach to unit commitment with wind [...]
MA 550Stochastic programming models for electricity generation planning [...]
Carreno Developing optimization software for Colombian power system planning [...]
Gonçalves Analyzing multistage stochastic optimization methods to solve the operation planning problem of hydrothermal systems [...]
Gendreau Midterm hydro generation scheduling under inflow uncertainty using the progressive hedging algorithm [...]


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