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Special sessions
Approximation & online algorithms
Organizer: Leen Stougie, David P. Williamson
Combinatorial optimization
Organizer: Jochen Könemann, Jens Vygen
Complementarity & variational inequalities
Organizer: Michael C. Ferris, Michael Ulbrich
Conic programming
Organizer: Raphael Hauser, Toh Kim Chuan
Constraint programming
Organizer: Michela Milano, Willem-Jan van Hoeve
Derivative-free & simulation-based optimization
Organizer: Luis Nunes Vicente, Stefan Wild
Finance & economics
Organizer: Thomas F. Coleman, Karl Schmedders
Game theory
Organizer: Asu Ozdaglar, Guido Schäfer
Global optimization
Organizer: Christodoulos A. Floudas, Nikolaos V. Sahinidis
Implementations & software
Organizer: Tobias Achterberg, Andreas Wächter
Integer & mixed-integer programming
Organizer: Andrea Lodi, Robert Weismantel
Life sciences & healthcare
Organizer: Gunnar W. Klau, Ariela Sofer
Logistics, traffic, and transportation
Organizer: Marco E. Lübbecke, Georgia Perakis
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming
Organizer: Sven Leyffer, François Margot
Multi-objective optimization
Organizer: Jörg Fliege, Johannes Jahn
Nonlinear programming
Organizer: Philip E. Gill, Stephen J. Wright
Nonsmooth optimization
Organizer: Amir Beck, Jérôme Bolte
Optimization in energy systems
Organizer: Alexander Martin, Claudia Sagastizábal
PDE-constrained optimization & multi-level/multi-grid methods
Organizer: Matthias Heinkenschloss, Michael Hintermüller
Robust optimization
Organizer: Aharon Ben-Tal, Dimitris Bertsimas
Sparse optimization & compressed sensing
Organizer: Ben Recht, Michael Saunders, Stephen J. Wright
Stochastic optimization
Organizer: Shabbir Ahmed, David Morton
Telecommunications & networks
Organizer: Andreas Bley, Mauricio G. C. Resende
Variational analysis
Organizer: René Henrion, Boris Mordukhovich


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